US Senators 'Seek to Block Deployment of F-35A Jets to UK' Over Huawei's Role in 5G Rollout
(Source: Sputnik News; posted May 6, 2020)
After Prime Minister Boris Johnson allowed Huawei to build "non-core" parts of the UK's 5G networks, the US has ramped up pressure on the country to reconsider, claiming the Chinese firm posed a security hazard, with Donald Trump previously suggesting that future intelligence-sharing with America's "Five Eyes" allies could be at risk.

US Republican senators are [now] seeking to use legislation to block the stationing of two squadrons of F-35A Lightning II aircraft in the UK, scheduled for next year, over its decision to grant China’s Huawei access to the country’s 5G network, according to The Telegraph.

The move, which is being led by Republican senator for Arkansas Tom Cotton, who has previously passed anti-Huawei proposals into law, would suggest an amendment to the annual legislation that determines defence spending levels.

The senators seek a modification to the piece of legislation that would ban deployments to countries where perceived “at-risk” companies like Huawei are allowed to operate, writes the outlet.

A summary at the top of the amendment proposed by Cotton, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee which handles the legislation, reportedly reads: “To prohibit the stationing of new aircraft at bases in host countries with at-risk vendors in their 5G or 6G networks.”

If it becomes law, the change to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act would stop 48 of the most advanced fighter jets from being permanently deployed to Britain. (end of excerpt)

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