Publication of the Conclusions of the Covid-19 Contamination Investigations in the Carrier Air Group
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued May 12, 2020)
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The French Armed Forces Ministry reported that, at the height of the infection, 73% of the crew of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was infected by the Covid-19 virus, and that 1,288 crew members were declared sick. All have now recovered. (FR MoD photo)
PARIS --- On April 7, Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, decided to early return from the carrier strike group. Two command investigations and one epidemiological investigation had been ordered to determine the circumstances of the Covid-19 epidemic that occurred within the Carrier Strike Group.

On May 11 and 12, 2020, the Minister of the Armed Forces presented to Parliament the conclusions of these investigations, carried out by the Chief of the Defense Staff, the Chief of the Naval Staff and the Armed Forces Health Service.

As the minister has pledged, their conclusions are now made public and posted on the website of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

The Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, spoke before the National Defense and Armed Forces Committee of the National Assembly on Monday, May 11, and before the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and the Armed Forces this Tuesday, May 12.

She presented the conclusions of the command and epidemiological investigations relating to the contamination by Covid-19 of part of the crews of the ships of the Carrier Strike Group, in particular of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

-- The findings of the Command investigation (in French) are available here, on the French Armed Forces Ministry website.

-- The report of the epidemiological investigation carried out by the Armed Forces Epidemiology and Public Health Center (CESPA) is available here, on the French Armed Forces Ministry website.


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