Morocco Borrows €192M to Buy Weapons from MBDA
(Source:; posted May 20, 2020)
PARIS --- Saad Dine El Otmani, the head of Morocco’s government, has approved Decree No. 346.20.0, issued on May 11, to purchase an unspecified package of weapons from France’s MBDA, Moroccan media reported midweek.

The approval came after the government on April 28 obtained a loan of 192.1 million euros to finance this "commercial contract", concluded between the National Defense Administration and the France-based missile maker. The decree was published in Morocco’s Official Bulletin on May 18.

The future acquisition is part of Morocco’s five-year plan, established in 2017, to achieve "regional supremacy" by modernizing the military equipment of its military forces.

MBDA France group is a world leader in the manufacture of missiles and missile defense systems. It was created in December 2001, following a partnership between Airbus and BAE Systems, which both hold a 37.5% share, and Italy’s Leonardo group, which owns the remaining 25%.


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