Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation Took Part in the Tests of the Peter Morgunov Amphibious Ship
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued May 28, 2020)
The trials of Peter Morgunov, the newest large amphibious ship in the Baltic Sea, involved aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation.

In the marine ranges of the Baltic Fleet, the ship's crew, together with industry representatives, tested the radio-technical armament of the ship and the radar stations of the air defence systems.

For this, Ka-27 helicopters and Su-30SM, Su-27 and Su-24 aircraft of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation were involved. Airplanes and helicopters circled the ships, simulating the actions of airborne weapons of mock enemy at various speeds, altitudes and distances.

On a regular basis, new equipment for the Russian Navy is being tested in the Baltic Sea training grounds. The ships, support vessels, rescue forces and naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet are involved in providing these measures.


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