US Army Tests Electronic ‘Smart Scope’ Designed to Kill Drones in Syria (excerpt)
(Source: Stars And Stripes; published June 3, 2020)
By Slobodan Lekic
Coalition forces zero Smart Shooter sighting devices during familiarization range training near al-Tanf garrison, Syria, May 30, 2020. (US Army photo)
Images of U.S. soldiers in the Syrian desert training with an advanced electronic aiming system on their rifles have offered the first indication that the Israeli-made device was being field tested by the U.S. military.

The photos — posted on the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service — showed special operators at the al-Tanf base in southern Syria using the Smart Shooter SMASH 2000 sighting system mounted on their M4A1 carbines. They were shown firing on range targets and also at a box in the air suspended below a small drone.

The small arms fire control system allows the shooter to select a target and lock on while pressing the trigger, according to the Israeli manufacturer Smart Shooter.

But the electro-optical system — which includes image recognition software — blocks the action until the firing solution can guarantee a hit, when it automatically activates the trigger. It can be used in daylight and at night. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Stars and Stripes website.


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