HMS Queen Elizabeth Leaves Portsmouth to Carry Out New Flight Trials of F-35 In British Waters (excerpt)
(Source: The News Portsmouth; posted June 7, 2020)
By Tom Cotterill
The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth set sail from Portsmouth today to carry out tests with the F-35 stealth jet in British waters for the latest time.

The mighty 65,000-tonne warship steamed out of the city this afternoon following a brief stop at Portsmouth Naval Base to prepare for the historic bout of trials.

The £3.1bn leviathan, the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy, will now spend a period at sea putting the deadly F-35b, Britain’s most advanced warplane, through their paces.

It’s the second time jets will have flown sorties from Queen Elizabeth’s enormous four-acre flight deck in UK waters.

The deployment comes amid the coronavirus crisis, which saw two of the ship’s company being quarantined after testing positive for Covid-19.

Embarked on HMS Queen Elizabeth will be aviators and engineers from 617 Squadron, the UK’s premier aerial team who are tasked with flying the F-35B Lightning force. (end of excerpt)

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