Stay at Home vs. Mission-Critical Maintenance Abroad?
(Source: Atlas Elektronik Group; issued June 05, 2020)
The corona pandemic has reduced the mobility of everyone. However, navies still have to fulfil their missions abroad. Yet if a complex repair problem occurs, the navies’ depot level specialists cannot travel anymore. ATLAS’ Remote Maintenance System (RMS) is a proven and deployed tool for solving these problems.

Let data travel, not people – RMS helps to keep system availability high

Maritime security should be independent of pandemics. Therefore, most navies try to keep up their operational schedules, even though Covid-19 has serious effects, especially on the land-based support processes. In the worst case, travelling bans and a defect not repairable with onboard expertise could bring the mission to a standstill.

The German Navy has been operating ATLAS’ Remote Maintenance System (RMS) for years on their K130 corvettes. The RMS system allows the experts of Marinearsenal Wilhelmshaven to access a defective unit via an encrypted video-voice-data connection – with minimal bandwidth requirements. Linked together by the encrypted and IT-secure connection through SATCom, the onboard maintainers can talk directly to their depot level maintenance experts back home.

The benefits are manifold. The onboard maintainers get help immediately, without having to wait until someone travels out. As a result, the downtimes can be reduced significantly. The direct contact between the Navy’s experts ashore and aboard create an ever stronger knowledge base, linked with implicit on-the-job training. Every defect will increase the knowledge and skills of the Navy maintainers. And if a problem cannot be solved immediately, the experts at the Marinearsenal at least know what defect will be facing them, so that they can travel out with all necessary tools and spares to fix it.

The Remote Maintenance System is a core element of ATLAS’ support philosophy, focusing on increased system availability. Highly trained experts on our customers’ side are our best possible partners. When our customers buy a system, they expect a superior system. Their job – and thus also ours – is to ensure that it stays that way. Our Remote Maintenance System helps to sustain superiority.

--The recent “quickfit” of a Remote Maintenance System on FGS HAMBURG, one of the German Navy’s F124 air defence frigates, was conducted in less than two weeks. FGS HAMBURG is the first German Navy frigate to receive the RMS, apart from the successful deployment on the K130 corvettes.

--The system can be fitted on any ship or submarine, whether newbuild or as a later refit.

--The Remote Maintenance System complies with military IT security requirements. It normally uses the ship’s onboard encryption system, but can optionally be equipped with standalone encryption.

--The minimum configuration is one Land-Based Unit LBU and one Mobile Maintenance Unit MMU.

--Industry-level maintenance support is possible, with the LBU relaying data to an optional Mobile External Support Unit MESU. This architecture ensures that the Navy stays in full control of the data.


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