DGA Delivers 17 New Griffon Vehicles to the French Army
(Source: French Directorate-General of Armaments; issued June 10, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
In May, the French defense procurement agency, DGA, delivered 17 new Griffon 6x6 armored vehicles to the French Army, bringing the service's operational fleet to 109 vehicles, with more to follow. (DGA photo)
In May 2020, the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) delivered 17 Griffon vehicles from the Scorpion program to the French Army, having carried out pre-delivery verifications during the confinement, in strict compliance with the health rules related to Covid-19 epidemic.

These 17 new vehicles have already joined the 92 units of the French Army fleet delivered in 2019.

The Griffon

Throughout the manufacture of these vehicles, DGA quality service experts intervened to carry out verifications on the industrial sites of the co-contractors of the temporary group of companies (GME) holding the contract: Arquus in Marolles and Limoges, Thales in Cholet and Gennevilliers, and Nexter Systems in Roanne.

The feedback acquired on the vehicles already delivered plays a key role insofar as each non-conformity dealt with on the first vehicles is subject to a physical verification on the following, to assess the effectiveness of corrective actions set up by GME for series production.

These verification operations, which involve various DGA departments and experts, are thus essential to deliver the equipment to the forces with an optimal level of quality.

Despite the disruptions created by the pandemic, DGA continues to make every effort, in compliance with health rules, to continue delivering equipment to the forces. Certain tasks prior to physical on-site inspections were thus carried out remotely and in advance in order to shorten on-site verification procedures and thus deliver vehicles more quickly to the forces.

The 2019-2025 Military Planning Law (LPM) calls for 936 Griffons to enter service by 2025.

The Griffon multi-role armored vehicle

Griffon is 24.5-tonne armored vehicle which will replace the Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé (VAB). Its mission is to support and transport combat troops equipped with the Félin soldier system as close as possible to the combat zone.

It is available in several versions: troop transport (infantry, combat engineers, cavalry, logistics, etc.), health, command post and artillery observation. One of the main characteristics of Griffon is the great modularity of its versions, with a single hull and a system of kits (for example for add-on armor) and various sensors which make it possible to adapt each vehicle to its mission.

The Griffon truly brings a technological and operational leap forward to the Groupement Tactique Inter-Armes (Tactical combined arms group). It offers a significantly improved level of protection, whether against ballistic threats or mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), with more efficient armor; a remote-controlled cupola and latest-generation sensors. Like all Scorpion vehicles, it is equipped with Scorpion common vetronics, the SICS information system and the Contact radio.

The Scorpion program is placed under the contracting authority of the DGA. It aims to transform air-land combat capabilities by enhancing their tactical interoperability and their operational capability. It includes six aspects: three new armored vehicles (Griffon, Jaguar and Serval), the modernization of the Leclerc tank, the SICS information system and a mission preparation system.

The 2019-2025 military program law provides for an acceleration of the Scorpion program, with 50% of the new armored vehicles to be delivered by 2025.


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