U.S. Navy to Invest $860 Million for Electromagnetic Systems Research
(Source: Forecast International; issued June 16, 2020)
NEWTOWN, Conn. --- The next ten years will see steady funding for the U.S. Navy's Electromagnetic Systems Applied Research program. According to government funding documents, the effort addresses the need for new capabilities in electro optical/infrared sensors, surveillance, electronic warfare, navigation, and nanoelectronics for a wide variety of naval platforms.

In the FY21 defense budget, the program is scheduled to receive roughly $83 million to $93 million annually through mid-decade.

At such high funding levels - and with little in the way of publicly disclosed specifics regarding actual technology being put into service - much of the work in this program is likely highly classified.

The budget has disclosed increased investment in research associated with the exploration and development of electron beam physics, beam-wave interaction structures, microfabrication techniques, RF materials, and physics-based modeling.

Based on an estimated projection of the FY21 defense budget, $860 million is likely to be spent on the RDT&E effort through 2029.


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