Defence Goes Fishing for Hawk Replacement (excerpt)
(Source: Australian Defence Magazine; posted June 18, 2020)
By Nigel Pittaway
The Royal Australian Air Force is looking to replace the BAE Systems Hawk Mk. 127 advanced jet trainer for both fighter lead-in training and in-flight combat training and plans to spend up to A$5 billion on the program. (RAAF photo)
MELBOURNE --- Defence released a Request For Information (RFI) to industry on June 2 with a view to replacing its Lead In Fighter Training System (LIFTS), currently provided by the BAE Systems Hawk Mk.127 platform.

The Hawk has recently completed a significant mid-life upgrade under Project Air 5438 and has a current planned withdrawal date of 2026.

The RFI for a replacement capability is part of Air 6002 Phase 1 (Future Lead-In Fighter Training System) which, according to the 2016 Defence White Paper and associated Industry Investment Program, is a $4-5 billion project scheduled to run between 2022 and 2033.

Air 6002 has two major requirements, the primary role being the means of providing training for RAAF pilots and Weapons Systems operators streamed for fast jet operations, between the undergraduate PC-21 and the F/A-18F, F-35A or EA-18G.

The secondary requirement will be to support other ADF capabilities in both the friendly (Blue Air) or opposing (Red Air) forces. (end of excerpt)

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