Hensoldt Welcomes German Bundestag's Release of Billion Euro Budget for Eurofighter AESA Radar and Multi-Purpose Warship MKS 180
(Source: Hensoldt; issued June 17, 2020)
Hensoldt will be responsible for installing the AESA radar in new-build Eurofighters for the German air force, and also for retrofitting it to the entire fleet, as part of an upgrade for which Airbus will be the prime contractor. (Hensoldt image)
TAUFKIRCHEN, Germany --- Sensor systems supplier Hensoldt has welcomed today's decision by the German Bundestag to develop the new Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) radar for the entire German Eurofighter fleet as a positive signal for Germany as a technology base and for successful European cooperation in the defence sector.

"With this decision, Germany is taking on a pioneering role in the field of key technology for the Eurofighter for the first time," said Hensoldt CEO Thomas Müller. "This will create high-tech jobs in Germany and give the Bundeswehr the equipment it needs to respond to new threats. In addition, it is a signal for Europe that Germany is investing in a technology that is of crucial importance for European defence cooperation".

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