Iran Tests New Naval Missiles in Indian Ocean Exercise
(Source: Tasnim news agency; posted June, 18, 2020)
The Iranian Navy test-fired new homegrown cruise missiles on Thursday in a military exercise in the northern Indian Ocean, which it claimed hit targets at a distance of 280 kilometers. (Iran MoD photo)
TEHRAN --- Iran’s Navy launched a naval combat war game in the Sea of Oman and the northern parts of the Indian Ocean on Thursday morning.

In the exercise, codenamed ‘Ramadan Martyrs’, the Navy tested new short-range and long-range cruise missiles manufactured by the Iranian Defense Ministry.

The long-range naval cruise missiles hit the targets at a distance of 280 kilometers. The range of the new homegrown missiles may be extended.

Iran tests new naval missiles in Indian Ocean exercise. (PressPlus video)

A variety of coast-to-sea and sea-to-sea missiles with short and long ranges were fired simultaneously from the coastal launchers and the deck of naval vessels, and they could successfully detonate the targets with great accuracy.

The Thursday war game was held on the fortieth day after the martyrdom of a number of Navy forces in an incident involving the Konarak vessel.

Nineteen Navy servicemen were martyred and 15 others injured in the accident on May 10 when a number of vessels were carrying a naval training exercise off the coasts of Jask and Chabahar in the Sea of Oman.


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