New Ships, New Radar for Eurofighter, New IT Information Technology
(Source: German Ministry of Defence; issued June 18, 2020)
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The Bundeswehr will invest heavily a total of around 13 billion euros. The Navy will get four MKS 180 multi-purpose combat ships. The Eurofighter will be equipped with new radars. In the Hercules follow-up project, BWI, as an in-house service provider, is to guarantee IT information technology operations for the BMVg Federal Ministry of Defense division for another four years.

The Bundeswehr is procuring four MKS 180 (Mehrzweckkampfschiffe, or multi-purpose combat ships), including land-based facilities for training, for around 5.6 billion euros. The Bundeswehr has an option in the contract to purchase two more ships. The special feature of the MKS 180 is that it is equipped for air defense as well as for surface and underwater warfare. A special focus is on the ability to combat submarines.

New radar technology

The Bundeswehr is authorized to conclude four contracts with a total volume of around 2.8 billion euros for new radar technology for the Eurofighter. The money is planned on the one hand for the procurement of the most modern AESA electronically-scanned radars. On the other hand, multi-channel receivers to exploit the performance potential of this future-oriented technology are to be developed and integrated into the Eurofighter.

The procurement of the already developed radar hardware should run parallel to the development of the final software. In the middle of the 2020s, the new radar system should then be available with full capabilities.

The technologically up-to-date radar system will then have improved detection and identification options with higher immunity to interference. This means that pilots in the Eurofighter will be better able to detect and engage air-to-air and air-to-ground targets. Several targets will be can be tracked and engaged simultaneously and independently of one another. The new radar system is an important contribution to the capabilities and survivability of the Eurofighter.

Ensuring IT information technology operations by the BWI

The performance contract with the BWI is to be extended by four years. This is the continuation of the operation of the administrative information and communication technology of the Bundeswehr. The contract will have a financial volume of around EUR 4.6 billion.

The extension of the contract also goes hand in hand with longer-term planning security for the BWI, which is to be developed into an IT systems house for the Bundeswehr and its personnel. This gives BWI staff employment perspectives that also play an important role in recruiting.

This supports the company's goal of largely providing its own services, insofar as this makes economic sense, with its own staff and reducing the proportion of external services. For the Bundeswehr, this also means that the digitization path that has been chosen can be continued. Finally, the Bundeswehr can largely concentrate on its core military tasks with its own IT information technology personnel.

25 million euro contracts

The projects approved by the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag on June 17 with a total volume of around EUR 13 billion were presented as EUR 25 million templates. This includes all procurement and development projects of the Bundeswehr requiring an investment volume of 25 million euros and more. These require the separate approval of the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag before the contract is concluded.


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