Robot System 98 - A Hit for the Air Defense
(Source: Swedish Defense Forces; issued June 22, 2020)
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The final qualification firing of the ground-launched version of Robot System 98, otherwise known as the IRIS-T, has cleared the way for its service introduction into the Swedish Air-Defense Regiment. (FMV photo)
These days, the Swedish Armed Forces has carried out a so-called verification shoot with Robot System 98 in Vidsel.

“Now, we can continue with the integration of the Robot System 98 in the new air defense battalions. The firing met all the expectations and requirements we have for the missile,” says Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Wessman, Deputy Chief of the Air Defense Regiment.

Apart from a small software adjustment, this is the same IRIS-T missile that is already used by the JAS 39 Gripen fighter jet. The ground-launched version of Robot 98 is fired from a platform in the rear portion of the BandVagon 410 articulated armoured vehicle. The target that was engaged at the Swedish Defense Matériel Agency’s (FMV) test range in Vidsel was a self-propelled target.

“I can't help but be pleased with the result. The new system gives us increased operational effect with the air defense units and gives us even better opportunity to fight a modern opponent,” says Thomas Wessman.

Robot System 98 will in the near future be complemented by the medium-range air defense system Patriot. The combination of the number of fire units and robots thus creates a credible threshold effect.


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