First Scout Boat Delivered to Third Naval Flotilla
(Source: Swedish Armed Forces; issued June 23, 2020)
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The crew of HMS Dristig, the first of six “scout” boats modified for anti-submarine operations for the Swedish Navy, on the boat’s rear deck during handover ceremonies. (Forsmakten photo)
The first scout boat has been delivered to the navy in Karlskrona and her crew is being installed on board. The ship will be an important cog for the Navy in the protection of Swedish under water territory.

Following the intelligence operation in the Stockholm archipelago in 2014, the need to regain the ability for passive detection of submarines and coastal submarines was identified. Until about 15 years ago, there were four hydrophone buoys that had the task but these disappeared from the organization.

The Armed Forces were therefore given the task of adapting six guard boats to a new mission. Using sonar buoys that transmit sound from their microphones to the ship, a sound map can be generated and analyzed.

Shared between the naval combat fleets

The six vessels are divided evenly between the Third and Fourth Naval Flotillas, with three vessels each. Today, the Swedish Navy fleet received the first one, HMS Dristig. For ship commander Jonas Fäldt, HMS Dristig is not a new acquaintance.

“I have operated the ship in her old role in maritime surveillance for two different tours. But it will now be fun to rebuild its passive submarine hunting ability. We will start next week with the training of the crew,” he said.

The ship has been rebuilt and adapted for her new task and among other things, her main engines and auxiliary machines have been replaced. The big news, of course, is the new ability to receive, listen to and analyze underwater sounds via buoys.

“It feels good to receive the ship. She is part of a clear political order focusing on increasing the Swedish Armed Forces' ability to detect underwater violations of her territory,” says Commander Per Edling, head of the Third Naval Flotilla.


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