Kuwait Parliament Asks Why Eurofighter Deal Is So Expensive (excerpt)
(Source: Gulf News; published June 28, 2020)
By Samir Salama
ABU DHABI --- Investigations by Kuwait’s permanent parliamentary committee to try the ministers involved in the Eurofighter aircraft deal have reportedly found large-scale misappropriation of state funds in securing a deal for the fighter jets.

The probe has currently run into a stalemate over movement restrictions and health protocols that have been imposed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, but there are several questions and doubts that have already cropped up over the contentious defence agreement.

Sources familiar with the probe said the deal [dates] back to September 2015, when Kuwait and Italy signed a memorandum of understanding to purchase 28 Eurofighter jets in a deal valued at 8 billion euros (Dh33 billion).

The source said the value of the deal struck by Kuwait was much higher compared to the value of similar deals signed by Qatar to purchase 24 similar fighters at 5 billion pounds (Dh22.65 billion), while the Saudi Ministry of Defence had also concluded a contract to purchase 72 Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft (older generation) worth $8.86 billion (Dh32.58 billion). Oman also concluded a deal to buy 24 Typhoon fighters at a cost of $2.24 billion from the United Kingdom.

Deals with Airbus under scanner


It has been reported that the price of the fighters reached $110 million per plane in deals entered into by several countries (UK, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Oman), while in case of Kuwait, the price came to $321 million. (end of excerpt)

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