The Multi-Mission Air Defense Frigate Alsace: A New Warship in Lorient.
(Source: French Navy; issued July 01, 2020)
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On Thursday, June 25, the tricolor flag rose for the first time aboard the frigate Alsace, the first ship of the French Navy to bear this name.

It was in Lorient that Vice-Admiral Jean-Philippe Rolland, commander of the Naval Action Force, presided over the raising of colors and had Captain (Navy) Guillaume Garnoix rec-ognized as commander.

This ceremony is a major step for the Navy but also for the sailors of Alsace. The admiral, when addressing the crew, emphasized its significance: "today you are initiating the first pages of a long human and operational history. By monitoring and conducting sea trials, through your commitment to rapidly mastering the ship's capabilities and through an in-crease in firepower, your efforts will be decisive for future military successes."

FREMMs are currently the flagship program for the renewal of the Navy combat fleet. The multi-mission air defense frigate (FREMM DA) Alsace, which is the 7th ship of this class, will be delivered in 2021. Lorraine will then be delivered by 2022.

Alsace will have reinforced air defense capabilities and will be based in Toulon.

The improved air-defense capabilities are based in particular on an improvement in the detection performance of its surveillance radar, of both optronic and radar fire control, the supply of long-range ASTER 30 missiles, etc.

These benefits in surface combat are added to the excellent underwater combat capabili-ties, specific to FREMMs, that make them a world benchmark in this field.

The main missions assigned to FREMM DA will be:
-- Anti-submarine warfare;
-- Escort of the aircraft carrier or other high-value vessels; and
-- Conducting special operations.


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