Awards Worth 7.5 Billion NOK to Norwegian Industry
(Source: Norway Ministry of Defense; issued July 01, 2020)
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The F-35 provides added value for the defense industry. Only in June, Norwegian industry has entered into new contracts for almost NOK 1 billion. ($794 million at today’s rate—Ed.)

“This is very gratifying and shows that the Norwegian defense industry is competitive in an international market,” says Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen.

Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace has recently signed two new contracts for deliveries to the F-35. The latest in the series is a contract with Northrop Grumman worth a total value of NOK 800 million. The agreement ensures production until 2022.

Earlier in June, Kongsberg secured an agreement with Marvin Engineering on the supply of missile weapons. The contract has a value of NOK 136 million.

The acquisition of the F-35 gives Norwegian industry the opportunity to become suppliers in one of the world's most advanced technology programs, providing unique strategic op-portunities. Indus-tri cooperation among the partner nations has since the beginning been based on the principle of "best value", where the industry in the partner nations compete for assignments. The concept is chosen to ensure high performance and low cost of life for the F-35.

So far, this has generated production contracts for just over NOK 7.5 billion with Norwe-gian industry.

Participation in the program involves a significant competence boost that qualifies com-panies to become a provider of other advanced technology programs outside the F-35 program - and with the F-35 as a reference.

Production of the F-35 will continue for more than 20 years and it is planned to produce more than 160 aircraft per year when the program gradually reaches its maximum pro-duction rate.

Norway's participation as a partner in development and further development of the F-35 program gives Norwegian industry the opportunity to compete for part production and maintenance work for aircraft and engine.


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