Bushmaster Armored Vehicle Can Handle Electronic Combat
(Source: Netherlands Minister of Defence; issued July 01, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
The Dutch Army took delivery of its first Multirole Electronic Warfare Bushmaster on July 1. Based on the Thales Australia Bushmaster, it is clearly recognizable by its antennas. (NL MoD photo)
Electronic warfare is becoming increasingly important in today's battlefield. An armored vehicle specially equipped for electronic warfare is therefore a welcome addition. The first copy of the so-called Multirole Electronic Warfare Bushmaster was transferred today to 102 Electronic Warfare Company.

Due to the confidential nature of the unit, the transfer took place behind closed doors. The vehicle is an existing Bushmaster armored infantry vehicle that has been completely converted. This modification was undertaken partly on the basis of the experiences that military personnel have gained during the missions in Mali and Iraq.

Disrupt radio traffic

The vehicle now contains complete workstations with screens for the 5-person team. But what really matters is the different linked EOV systems. This allows the company to receive, analyze and even disrupt radio traffic and cyber activities in a mission area.

Major Mark is commander of the EW Company, which falls under the Joint ISTAR Command, the Dutch Army’s intelligence unit. “We used to throw a separate system into an infantry vehicle. Now, we have workplaces and all systems are integrated into a network. We can not only receive radio signals, but also determine their position and even disturb them. Previously, we couldn't do the latter at all.”

Special glasses

An EW unit looks at the battlefield through special glasses and can thus “see” cyber and electromagnetic activities. As soon as the enemy begins using radio equipment, our EW operators can see where they are and hear what they say. This information that can be decisive.

The complex system has been put together by the Joint IV Command (JIVC), Defense's own IT company. This was done in consultation with the users and the manufacturers of the systems.


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