Outcry As Detectives Seize Critical Components Of Operating Air Defense Systems As Part Of Ongoing Probe (excerpt)
(Source: Unian press agency; published July 2, 2020)
After having initially publicly condemned the seizure, stressing threats to the country's air defense capability, the Ukrainian Air Force Command later reported that a compromise solution has been found, including thanks to public response. (UKR MoD photo)
State Bureau of Investigation officials in the city Khmelnytsky seized ultra-high frequency devices (klystrons) during an inspection at the air defense brigade of Ukraine's Air Force based on the ruling of a local district court as part of an ongoing criminal proceeding.

Investigators accuse certain officials of major violations in procurement of such klystrons. At the same time, the court ruling in question stops short of the mention of seizure, warranting only "the inspection of military unit A2860 and its subordinate air defense divisions."

The same mirror procedural actions are being carried out in air defense brigades in Odesa region (unit A2800) and Kherson region (unit A1836), the press service noted. "It seems that this is someone's planned action aimed at undermining the state's defense capabilities," the statement reads.

"At a time when the enemy is deploying a huge group of troops at the border with Ukraine as part of a large-scale military exercise Caucasus 2020, where even a scenario of a full-scale offensive against Ukraine is openly played out, state institutions allow themselves such actions," the Air Force Command complains. Ultra-high-frequency devices are one of the main elements of the aiming system in air defense systems. (end of excerpt)

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