Flights of the World's Largest Turboprop An-22 "Antey" Aircraft Took Place Near Tver
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued July 14, 2020)
The world’s largest turboprop aircraft, the An-22 Antey in service with the Russian Air Force, takes off on a recent test flight from an unidentified base in the Tver Region. (RUS MoD photo)
In the Tver Region, flights involving the world's largest An-22 "Antey" turboprop aircraft took place at the base of the Military Transport Aviation Formation.

During the event, the crew performed a flight along a specified route using instruments, and also worked out actions in various emergency situations, including engine failure, radio communications and control system elements.

During the entire flight, interaction with the flight management groups was carried out.

An-22 "Antey" is a heavy turboprop transport aircraft.

Designed for long-distance transportation of heavy and oversized weapons, military equipment and troops, as well as for parachuting and landing methods of air landings.


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