Two Soldiers Died in Helicopter Crash in the Caribbean Sea
(Source: Netherlands Ministry of Defence; issued July 20, 2020)
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Two Dutch naval officers were killed on Sunday when a Royal Netherlands Navy NH90 helicopters crashed in the Caribbean Sea off Aruba, a Dutch dependency off the coast of Venezuela. The service’s 19 remaining NH90s have been temporarily grounded. (NHI photo)
In the crash of an NH90 naval helicopter, two of the four crew members on board were killed. They are 34-year-old aviator Christine Martens and 33-year-old tactical coordinator Erwin Warnies. Both soldiers have the rank of Navy Lieutenant 2nd class.

The helicopter hit the water in the Caribbean Sea near Aruba at the end of a coastguard patrol on Sunday.

Commander of the Armed Forces, Admiral Rob Bauer, announced this during a press conference in The Hague. The families of the two deceased had already been informed by Defense at that time.

The other two crew members have no serious physical injuries.

The NH90 is part of the patrol vessel Zr.Ms. Groningen. A Coast Guard Helicopter and Defense Dive Team Support Zr.Ms. Groningen to secure the NH90. The flight recorder (black box) in particular has been given priority.

It is expected that the Defense Security Inspectorate will conduct an investigation.


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