First Batch of Air Force Pilot Cadets Flying JL-10 Jet Trainers Graduate
(Source: China Military Online; issued July 20, 2020)
BEIJING --- The first batch of pilot cadets trained with JL-10, a new type of advanced jet trainer, all graduated with excellent performance from the Shijiazhuang Flight Academy under the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) in early July, qualified for the requirements of combat troops.

It is reported that, on the basis of the PLAAF’s new-generation training outline, the academy initiated the training program with JL-10, a new type of advanced jet trainer based on the third-generation fighter jet, in a bid to shorten the training period of pilot cadets and to promote their familiarization with the equipment in combat troops.

After one year’s training, the batch of pilot cadets have completed all the prescribed training subjects and achieved excellent examination results. Compared with predecessors, their per capita consumption of airborne ammunition has doubled under the same flight duration. Now, they have been assigned to the combat troops, and will carry out actual combat flight training after necessary adaptation training.


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