Motorized Rifle Units of the Army Corps of the Northern Fleet Conduct Anti-Amphibious Defense of the Coast in the Arctic
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued July 21, 2020)
Motorized rifle units of the army corps of the Northern fleet worked on the Sredny peninsula in the Polar region (Murmansk region) to organize and conduct anti-amphibious defense during a bilateral battalion exercise according to the combat readiness check plan.

Defensive actions of the Northern fleet sailors to cover the coast against the landing of sea troops with the support of warships and aircraft were organized considering the experience of combat operations in modern armed conflicts.

Before the beginning of the marine amphibious operation, the ships of the Northern fleet amphibious detachment worked out the tasks of suppressing the firing points of the mock enemy on the shore. Artillery firing at target positions was performed by the combat crews of the AK-100 battery of the large anti-submarine ship (LAS) "Severomorsk" and the AK-725 of the large landing ship "Kondopoga". The Ka-27 helicopter crew from the LAS "Severomorsk" air group worked out the air strike and landing of air troops in the enemy's rear.

During the exercise, both the attacking and defending sides actively used unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct reconnaissance and clarify the tactical situation.

More than 3 thousand servicemen of the Northern fleet have been involved in this stage of the sudden check. More than 20 ships, submarines and support vessels, 6 tactical ship groups, about 10 aircraft of various types, as well as more than 250 weapons, military and special equipment are involved.


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