Limit on Arms Export to Turkey Excludes Maritime Equipment, German FM Says (excerpt)
(Source: Daily Sabah; published Jul 27, 2020)
ISTANBUL --- Germany reaffirms that its decision to limit arms export to Turkey does not apply to naval weapons and maritime exports, the country’s foreign minister Heiko Maas said Monday. Berlin is one of the world’s main exporters of armaments and also a top exporter to Ankara.

Answering a question with regards to Berlin’s arms exports to Turkey, Maas said: “Turkey no longer receives weapons from Germany that it could use in the Syria war. We only deliver maritime goods and submarines...”

Saying Turkey has taken on tasks in the NATO that protects the entire alliance, however, he noted that arms exports are no longer approved to the country over disputes between Ankara and Berlin on Syria.

Last year, arms sales to NATO ally, Turkey, totaled 242.8 million euros ($285 million), making up for almost a third of Germany's defense industry business. This made Turkey by far the number one importer of German weapons, at a time when the latest flare-ups in Syria has put weapons sales to Ankara under intense scrutiny. Germany has repeatedly announced that it limits arms sales to Turkey which launched an anti-terror operation in northern Syria that targeted both Daesh terrorists and the PKK terror group and its Syrian branch People's Protection Units (YPG). (end of excerpt)

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