International Flight School in Decimomannu: Important Investments in Sardinia
(Source: Ministry of Defence; issued July 28, 2020)
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The Italian Air Force’s future International Flight School in Decimomannu, in Sardinia, will largely rely on simulation, as actual flying will account for just 10 percent of the training syllabus. (IT AF photo)
ROME --- Italy’s International Flight School will be set up at the Decimomannu Air Force base, bringing important defense investments in Sardinia and strong attention to the environment

"An important project, which confirms the importance of the Region for Defense and the role of the Air Force as an Italian center of excellence. For the Ministry, the choice of Decimomannu was natural because the base is already an operational and efficient structure. The creation of the school will represent an important growth factor for the economy of the region and for local businesses, with a strong focus on environmental protection."

Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini commented the decision to establish an international center of excellence for advanced flight training of military pilots at the Sardinian air base. It is intended to be operational from the first half of 2022.

The International Flight School project, carried out through a partnership between the Air Force and Leonardo SpA., will provide, at cruising speed, a flow of student pilots and military and civilian personnel estimated at a few hundred people year-round. Remediation activities are currently underway and work on the construction of the base will begin this year.

The project includes a strong focus on the environmental aspect. The planned activities and new infrastructures will be characterized by a marked eco-compatibility, with extensive use of simulation.

Thanks to the innovative characteristics of the aircraft used, such as the M-346, real flight activities will be limited to 5 percent of the total, without the use of any type of armament.

In terms of benefits for related activities, the industrial counterparty envisages, for the adjustment of the Decimomannu base only, a total investment in the order of a few tens of millions of euros, with the involvement, as a priority, of regional companies, which they can usefully participate in the procedures envisaged for the award of the contracts that will be put out to tender.

The services connected with the operation of the site will also be entrusted to local companies with a positive impact in terms of stable, direct and indirect employment. Overall, the investor companies estimate a fallout of overall economic value in the order of hundreds of millions for the next 10 years.


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