Nuclear Attack Submarine (SNA) Suffren Arrives in Toulon
(Source: French Directorate General of Armaments; issued July 28, 2020)
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The Suffren, the first of six Suffren-class nuclear attack submarines (ANS), arrived on July 28, 2020 at the Toulon naval base.

This arrival at her home port marks an important stage in the sea trials of the first submarine in the Barracuda program.

Managed by the General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) and conducted by the French Navy, sea trials make it possible to verify the correct functioning of the various systems and equipment of the submarine, before its qualification and then its delivery to the French forces.

After the submarine's first dive off Cherbourg in April, the program's state and industry teams carried out various sea trials to ensure that the submarine was sailing safely and to test its performance, both technical and operational.

These tests enabled specialists from DGA centers of expertise to study the data collected. These analyzes show that the behavior at sea of the first submarine in the series is consistent with its modeling.

The continuation of the tests in the Mediterranean will be led by a crew of the French Navy supervised by engineers and technicians from the DGA, the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), the industrialists Naval Group and TechnicAtome as well as their partners and subcontractors.


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