The Main Command of the Land Forces Has Prepared an Exhibition of Modern Equipment for Tank and Motorized Rifle Units at the Army 2020 Forum
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Aug 17, 2020)
Modern samples of weapons and military equipment of tank, motorized rifle and artillery units will be presented at the static exposition at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre at the ARMY 2020 International Military and Technical Forum.

Samples of military equipment of tank units are represented by the T-72B3 tank, which has been excellently showing its capabilities at the Tank Biathlon since 2014. As a result of its modernization, the engine power was increased, which made it possible to increase the maneuverability of the combat vehicle, a new modern weapons complex was installed, an improved visibility and increased security. The T-80U-1E and T-90A tanks will also be on display.

Samples of military equipment of motorized rifle units will be represented by IFV-3 and IFV-2 infantry fighting vehicles, the BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, which distinguishes from previous models, is the presence of a new combat module with stabilized armament, including an automatic cannon, in which the chassis has also been improved, the engine has been modernized and transmission.

The missile units will be represented by the Iskander-M missile system. This is the only operational-tactical complex in the world capable of launching two missiles at once from one self-propelled launcher, and the accuracy and probability of hitting a target is close to unity. Artillery samples will be presented by the Tornado-S and Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems, the Malka self-propelled gun, the MSTA-SM self-propelled howitzer, the Tulpan self-propelled mortar and others.


At ARMY 2020 Forum in Southern MD Near Volgograd Will Show the "Flying Tank" T-90A
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Aug 17, 2020)
Servicemen from the Southern Military District will make a jump on a T-90A tank from a springboard more than 1 m high for spectators of the Army-2020 international military-technical forum, which will be held in Srednyaya Akhtuba, Volgograd Region, on the basis of the Patriot Park branch.

The high combat survivability of the T-90A tank is provided by the systems of optical-electronic suppression and dynamic protection. It is able to overcome water obstacles more than 5 m deep, a moat 3 m wide, a vertical wall 1 m high. For this jumping ability, the tank was nicknamed "jumping" or "flying".

Within three days, a large-scale and spectacular event with the participation of the military personnel of the Southern Military District will take place at the training ground: about 50 modern weapons and military equipment will be presented in tactical episodes of modern combat.

The roar of aircraft turbines and volleys of artillery batteries will announce the beginning of a dynamic display of the combat capabilities of weapons and military equipment of the upcoming forum.

Tank and artillery subunits will practice combat missions in maneuvering defence.

The events will be held in compliance with sanitary and anti-epidemiological measures aimed at excluding the introduction and spread of infectious diseases. At the entrance to the forum, all visitors will be provided with protective masks, and at all catering points they will be offered a hand sanitizer.

The International Military-Technical Forum in the Southern Military District will be held in the Volgograd Region from August 27 to 29 on the territory of the Patriot military-patriotic park branch.


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