Rosoboronexport and the Vega Concern Signed an Agreement on the Protection of the Results of Intellectual Activity
(Source: Rosoboronexport; issued Aug 24, 2020)
On August 24, 2020, during the Army-2020 International Military-Technical Forum, JSC Rosoboronexport and JSC Concern Vega of the Ruselectronics holding entered into an agreement on cooperation on the legal protection of intellectual property in the -technical cooperation.

On the part of Rosoboronexport, the agreement was signed by the general director of the company, deputy chairman of the Russian Engineering Union Alexander Mikheev, and on the part of the Vega Concern - by its general director Vyacheslav Mikheev.

“The global arms market today has seen a steady growth in demand for technology partnership projects. Rosoboronexport is following this trend, fulfilling the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation to increase non-resource exports, in particular high-tech services. The experience of implementing technology transfer projects in the defense sector shows the high importance of legal protection Rosoboronexport is actively expanding its competencies in the field of intellectual property protection and commercialization and is ready to provide all-round assistance to Russian defense enterprises, "said Alexander Mikheev.

The agreement on cooperation between Rosoboronexport and the Vega Concern was concluded in order to coordinate the actions of the parties on the legal protection and protection of rights to the results of intellectual activity contained in military products in the implementation of military-technical cooperation.

"Concern" Vega "is the largest high-tech company in Russia with an active export policy. We see that technology partnership projects today provide a huge competitive advantage in the foreign market. However, in this area there are risks for our know-how - significant company assets, misuse which can lead to a loss of revenue and manifestations of unfair competition. I am sure that today the key to success in the technology transfer market is the combination of the competences of Rosoboronexport and industry, "said Vyacheslav Mikheev.

Analysis of the world arms and military equipment market shows cases of illegal use of Russian know-how, which leads to direct and indirect losses of industrial enterprises, and in some cases to image losses of the entire military-industrial complex of the country. Rosoboronexport already has a positive experience in suppressing unfair competition with respect to intellectual property abroad. Thus, on the territory of the Republic of Colombia, two trademarks, confusingly similar to the "ROSOBORONEXPORT" trademark, have been canceled, which is confirmed by a resolution of the Colombian Patent Office that came into force.


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