Japan Widens Foreign Access to F-X Fighter Project (excerpt)
(Source: Jane’s; posted August 26, 2020)
by Jon Grevatt
Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has published a notice inviting foreign companies to engage with its project to develop next-generation fighter aircraft.

The notice – issued on 25 August – invites firms to be involved in the development phase of the F-X project and the integration of related technologies and capabilities.

It states that the invite supports the MoD’s “procedures for collecting information” about next-generation fighter aircraft.

The notice adds that this process also includes continuing discussions with companies from the United States and United Kingdom about their potential involvement in the development of the new aircraft.

“We will collect high-quality information,” the MoD notice says, “and start recruiting companies that are willing to provide that information.” (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Jane’s website (paywall).


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