Milestone in the Upgrade of Combat Vehicle 90
(Source: Swedish Defense Materiel Agency, FMV; issued Aug 27, 2020)
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This week, FMV received the 100th series vehicle of the total 288 Combat Vehicles 90 that are undergoing renovation and upgrading. BAE Systems Bofors and BAE Systems Hägglunds carry out the assignment jointly.

The contract for rebuilding 288 Combat Vehicles 90 in six different variants was concluded by FMV in 2016 with the company jointly owned by BAE Systems Bofors and BAE Systems Hägglund, H-B Utveckling. This includes the integration of a new command support system as well as the renovation and upgrade of subsystems in Combat Vehicle 90.

Bofors is responsible for the turrets and system integration and Hägglunds for the chassis. Development, verification and production take place at each company’s facilities, with final integration and delivery at Bofors for all variants, except for the recovery variant which is delivered by Hägglunds in Örnsköldsvik.

Series production began in 2019 and will continue until 2022. Instructor and technician courses have been completed and now, in August 2020, the Armed Forces have begun unit training on rebuilt Combat Vehicles 90, where Boden is first out.

“It is gratifying that we have achieved one of the most important goals in the project, that the Armed Forces can now carry out their training of conscripts and units with the rebuilt vehicles, a significant step in the army's planned growth and capability increase,” says Lena Jansson, project manager FMV.

“I want to thank everyone involved for a job well done and look forward to continued good cooperation,” says Lena Jansson.

It is a challenge to integrate a modern management support system into a vehicle system that was delivered almost 30 years ago. The success factor is a result of the close and intimate collaboration between the companies, FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces,” says Tomas Karlson, project manager at H-B Utveckling, which represents both Hägglunds and Bofors.

“It is gratifying to now be in a series delivery phase with stable quality of our deliveries, he says.”


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