Taiwan Unveils F-16 Maintenance Hub As China Tensions Build (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published August 28, 2020)
By Yimou Lee
TAICHUNG, Taiwan ---- Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen vowed on Friday to defend the island with a “solid” air force as she launched a U.S.-backed maintenance centre for the island’s fleet of upgraded F-16 fighters amid rising tensions between Taipei and Beijing.

Frequent Chinese and U.S. military exercises in the region are raising fears of conflict touched off by a crisis over Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its own territory.

“It takes solid defence capability, not bowing and cringing, to defend the sovereignty of the Republic of China and maintain regional peace and stability,” Tsai told a ceremony unveiling the island’s first maintenance hub in the central city of Taichung for its most advanced F-16s.

The Republic of China is Taiwan’s formal name.

Tsai said the hub marks a milestone in her years-long drive to build up Taiwan’s defence industry. (end of excerpt)

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