Greece in Talks with France Over Fighter Jets, As East Med Tensions Rise – Source (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published September 1, 2020)
After having deployed Rafale M fighters to Cyprus to caution Turkey from making unconsidered moves in the Eastern Mediterranean, France has resumed talks with Greece about the sale of two frigates and Rafales, but no deal has been concluded. (Twitter photo)
ATHENS --- Greece is in talks with France and other countries over arms purchases to boost its armed forces, a government official told Reuters on Tuesday, as tensions grow over energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

A day earlier, Greece’s finance minister said the country is ready to spend part of its cash reserves on arms purchases and other means which will help increase its “deterrence force”, after years of belt-tightening in defence spending.

“We are in talks with France, and not only with France, in order to increase our country’s defence potential,” a government official told Reuters. “Within this framework, there is a discussion which includes the purchase of aircraft.”

The official added that no final decisions had been made. Greek media reported on Monday that Athens had agreed to acquire 18 Dassault-made Rafale fighter jets from France.

“There is no agreement as written in several media. However, there are discussions on a number of subjects,” a French government source said, without providing further detail. (end of excerpt)

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