Defence Forces to Renew Simulation System's Support and Maintenance Contracts for 2021-2024
(Source: Finnish Ministry of Defence; issued Sept. 03, 2020)
Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen has on 2 September 2020 authorised the Defence Forces Logistics Command to sign a support and maintenance contract for the Two-sided Combat Simulation System (KASI) for 2021-2024 with the Swedish Saab AB, Training & Simulation. The current contract will expire on 31 December 2020.

The Defence Forces will sign a service contract with Saab AB, Training & Simulation on support and maintenance for the KASI system. The contract is valued at EUR 13.5 million. The Defence Forces Shared Service Centre will be responsible for servicing and maintaining the KASI system.

The domestic employment effect of these contracts is about twenty-four person-years.

The Two-sided Combat Simulation System is part of the wider simulator activities in the Defence Forces, the aim of which is to enhance military training and improve the quality of combat training in different brigade-level units.

Introduced in the Defence Forces in 2005, the system can be used to organise combat exercises involving up to 2,400 participants between reinforced companies.


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