Air Defense Capability Under Development
(Source: Swedish Armed Materiel Agency, FMV; issued Sept 02, 2020)
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Sweden’s new Fire Unit 98 short-range air-defense system is essentially a ground-launched version of the Diehl Defence IRIS/T air-to-air missile mounted on a Hägglunds Bv410 tracked vehicle to ensure all-terrain mobility (FMV photo)
During the summer, FMV carried out test firings with parts of what is known as Air Force Response Capacity. The goal is to hand over all system units Fire Unit 98 this year.

Some verification tests are always included when new systems are developed. The technical ability is tested in relation to the requirements set out in the procurement that FMV has made. Air defense systems are technically complex and require high precision.

The Fire Unit 98 system will defend Sweden against enemy air targets at short distances, such as fighter jets and cruise missiles. With radar information from Intelligence Unit 23, the fire control system on Fire Unit 98 fires the missile at the aircraft.

The missile fired from Fire Unit 98 is the same that also arms the JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft. The air-launched missile has become ground-launched after adjustments to its software.

During the test firing, a target drone at FMV's test site in Vidsel acted as a moving target. The missile fired from Fire Unit 98 can lock on to the target before or after firing, depending on what the operational scenario requires.

“With this test, we have shown that the system works from measuring goals to hits in goals,” says Fredrik Bayard, project manager for Air Defense Capability at FMV.

Before the system is completely handed over to the Armed Forces, it is required that all documentation is in place and that the verification firings have gone well.

“In the spring of 2021, we will carry out a system test with all five system units that are part of the Air Force's Operational Capability. After that, we hope to be able to hand over the complete system.”


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