Request for Tender Release for Protected Mobile Fires
(Source: Australian Department of Defence; issued Sept 03, 2020)
The Request for Tender to preferred supplier Hanwha Defence Australia will call for the manufacture and support of an initial batch of 30 self-propelled howitzers, 15 armored ammunition resupply vehicles, and their supporting systems. (Hanwa photo)
The [Australian] Government’s 2019 election commitment to build 30 self-propelled howitzers, creating up to 350 jobs, is progressing on schedule with the release of a Request for Tender in September 2020 for the Protected Mobile Fires project.

The Request for Tender will be released to preferred supplier Hanwha Defence Australia, to build and maintain 30 self-propelled howitzers and 15 armoured ammunition resupply vehicles, and their supporting systems.

Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC said it marks a key step in progressing the project.

“Through this project, this Government is delivering the capability Army needs while creating local jobs in and around Geelong that will grow our highly skilled workforce,” Minister Reynolds said.

“This comes at an important time as Victoria deals with its latest outbreak of COVID-19.

“The acquisition of this capability will provide the ADF with the mobility, lethality and protection required to support Joint Force operations in the land domain.

“The self-propelled howitzers will be built in the Geelong region, with ongoing deep maintenance conducted in the same Australian facility to support the systems throughout their service life.”

The Request for Tender will progress this first phase of the Protected Mobile Fires capability.

Together with the subsequent phases announced in the 2020 Force Structure Plan, it will ensure a long-term future for industry’s involvement in the delivery of this critical capability for the ADF.

Minister for Defence Industry, Melissa Price said the Government is committed to maximising opportunities for Australian industry.

“This project builds on our efforts to strengthen Australia’s Defence industry capability, and represents a program of continuous investment well into the next decade in the Geelong region,” Minister Price said.

“This project is expected to create up to 350 jobs to build and maintain the new vehicles. It will also provide significant opportunities in other areas such as transport and warehousing, as well as component manufacture and repair.

Senator for Victoria, Sarah Henderson said opportunities in the local Geelong area extend through the supply chain.

“These opportunities will include future mid-life upgrades, harnessing emerging technologies to enhance the protection, firepower and mobility of Australia’s protected mobile fires capability,” Senator Henderson said.

“The announcement of this next important stage of the Howitzer Defence Project is wonderful news for the people of Geelong and our city’s manufacturing sector.”

LAND 8116 Phase 2, announced in the 2020 Force Structure Plan, is anticipated to commence in the late 2020s, delivering additional Protected Mobile Fires capability, and LAND 8116 Phase 3 is anticipated to commence in the mid-2030s, delivering a mid-life upgrade that will provide an opportunity to incorporate emerging technologies.


Hanwha Defense Shortlisted for Australian SPH Project
(Source: Hanwha Defense; issued Sept. 03, 2020)
The K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH), developed by South Korea’s Hanwha Defense, has been selected as the preferred solution for the Australian Army’s Protected Mobile Fires project.

On September 3, the Australian Government announced it will release a request for tender to preferred supplier Hanwha Defense Australia (HDA) to build and maintain 30 K9 SPHs and 15 K10 armoured ammunition resupply vehicles (AARVs), along with their supporting systems. The K10 AARV is an enhanced version of the existing K10 ARV in terms of armour protection.

HDA is set to submit a tender in response to the SPH procurement program, codenamed Land 8116, which has a budget of up to AUD $1.3 billion.

“This is a tremendous outcome for our company and we very much appreciate the Commonwealth placing their trust in Hanwha for this opportunity,” said Richard Cho, managing director of HDA. “By beginning this journey with Hanwha, the Commonwealth will reap the benefits of being part of a global community of more than 2,400 K9/K10 SPH systems worldwide with all of the sustainment, training, and global supply opportunities that this will bring.”

As part of efforts to help expand the Australian defense industrial base, Hanwha Defense is committed to building the vehicles in the Geelong region and growing local skills, Cho said, adding the envisioned Geelong facility is expected to serve as an alternative sustainment and supply chain base for the global K9 family of vehicles.

“This is a different approach to just building and exporting, which given the increasing trend of localization being demanded globally,” the managing director said. “With this Government announcement, work will commence immediately to implement our plan for the building of facilities and skilling of the local Geelong based work force.”

The project is expected to create up to 350 jobs to build and maintain the new vehicles, providing significant opportunities in other areas such as transport and warehousing, as well as component manufacture and repair.

The transfer of IP and know-how to enable Australian Industry to, in the long term, allow for local design, engineering and manufacturing will be the most essential part of plans focused on developing the industrial base required for a sovereign capability.

Hanwha plans to develop the “Huntsman” family of vehicles comprising of the K9 SPH and K10 AARV to deliver a complete mission. The SPH is a 52 calibre, 155 mm platform capable of taking advantage of current and emerging 155mm munitions technologies. It has a crew of 4 or 5 depending on the configuration with an ammunition capacity of up to 48 rounds and accompanying modular charge systems.

The K10 AARV is a largely robotized system built on the same chassis as the K9. It holds 104 rounds of 155mm ammunition and is designed to provide ammunition resupply under armour and forward to the Artillery unit.

“The latest decision by the Australian Government to consider acquisition of K9 SPHs as the preferred solution is evident of the systems excellent performance around the world and the faith that the Commonwealth of Australia has placed in Hanwha Defense Australia to deliver this new capability to the Australian Army,” Hanwha Defense CEO Lee Sung-soo said. “In close cooperation with the Commonwealth of Australia, we intend to establish a significant manufacturing base in the Geelong region which will build the K9 and K10 fleets and provide a sovereign support capability for the whole life of the Huntsman fleet.”

Leveraging its accumulated knowledge, experience and competitiveness in key technologies, Hanwha Defense has set new standards for the global defense industry by offering a huge lineup of products ranging from world-renowned artillery systems; armored vehicles with outstanding mobility and adaptability; air defense systems with state-of-the-art technology; and unmanned ground systems utilizing innovative technologies to deliver optimized solutions for future battlefields.


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