Aircraft Rotations on Forward Air Base in the Levant: Arrival of the Rafale F3-R
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued Sept. 03, 2020)
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The F3-R is the latest variant of Rafale, and is able to carry the Meteor BVRAAM missile, the TALIOS advanced targeting pod and new air-to-ground weapons such as the GBU-16. It is seen here arriving in the UAE for its first foreign deployment. (FR AF photo)
Beyond the visit of the Minister of the Armed Forces to the Levant and air activity in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, the news will have been marked by the arrival on the theater of the Rafale to the renovated F3-R standard.

On August 30, four F3-R standard Rafales from the 30th Fighter Squadron, the latest version of this combat aircraft, arrived at France’s forward air base in the Levant. They replace the four two-seater Rafale of the 4th fighter Squadron, which returned to France on Thursday, Sept. 3 after having carried out more than 250 sorties and logging nearly 1,300 flight hours.

French aircraft based in the Levant and the United Arab Emirates are continuing their actions against Daesh, within the Coalition. This week, the aircraft engaged in Operation Chammal carried out 18 sorties.


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