Japan to Acquire Long-Range Standoff Missiles by 2022 (excerpt)
(Source: Japan Times; posted Sept. 06, 2020)
Japan’s Defense Ministry plans to acquire by March 2022 standoff missiles with a range of about 500 kilometers that can attack targets from outside the ranges of enemy missiles, according to sources.

The acquisition is in line with the medium-term defense buildup program for fiscal 2019-2023.

The new standoff missiles, expected to have the longest range among all the Self-Defense Forces’ current systems, will be mounted on F-35 cutting-edge stealth fighters, the sources said.

Since scrapping its plan to deploy Aegis Ashore land-based interceptor missile batteries earlier this year, the government has held active discussions on possible deterrents to prevent attacks with ballistic missiles, including acquiring the capability to strike enemy bases.

According to the ministry and other sources, Japan plans to acquire Norway’s JSM anti-surface and anti-ship missiles. Development has been completed, with delivery slated for mid-March 2022. (end of excerpt)

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