Ukraine: Aviation Firm Antonov Aims to Work with Turkey
(Source: Anadolu Agency; published Sept. 07, 2020)
Originally developed for Saudi Arabia, which finally pulled out before the production phase, the An-178 is a twin-jet military transport that Antonov is now offering to Turkey for a possible co-production deal. (Antonov photo)
KIEV --- Ukrainian aircraft producer Antonov aims to cooperate with the Turkish aviation industry for the production of AN-178 aircraft, said the company's CEO.

Last week, a Ukrainian delegation visited Turkey's shipyards and aircraft manufacturers, and evaluated the potential cooperation, Oleksandr Los told Anadolu Agency.

"We are in close interaction and discussion with our Turkish friends, the TEI [TUSAS Engine Industries] and other companies," he noted.

Los added: "And that's why we've already reached a level where top managers can speak about potential cooperation on the industrialization of the AN-178 in Ukraine and Turkey."

Several potential cooperation fields exist between the two nations, not only the defense area, but also the commercial segment -- such as passenger aircraft -- he stressed.

The delegation also visited Turkey's missile industry facilities, and was very impressed, the company's CEO added.


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