Design and Implementation of the Defence Export Strategy
(Source: Australian National Audit Office; issued Sept. 10, 2020)
The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Australian Department of Defence's design process and implementation to date of the Defence Export Strategy.

What did we find?
-- The Department of Defence’s design and implementation to date of the Defence Export Strategy has been partially effective.
-- The design process was largely effective.
-- Strategy implementation has been partially effective.
-- Monitoring and reporting on implementation has been partially effective.

What did we recommend?
-- The Auditor-General made one recommendation to the Department of Defence, aimed at extending the Defence Export Strategy’s performance framework and developing an evaluation framework to measure and report on the achievement of the strategy’s overarching goal and specified objectives.
-- The Department of Defence agreed to the recommendation.

Why did we do this audit?
-- The Australian Government has stated that ‘a strong, resilient and internationally competitive Australian defence industry is essential to our national security’.
-- The government’s 2018 Defence Export Strategy is intended to implement key recommendations made by the Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, and sets out an ambitious policy agenda to be delivered by 2028, including establishing Australia as one of the top ten global defence exporters.
-- This audit provides the Parliament with independent assurance on Defence’s design process for the strategy and its implementation to date.

Click here for the full report (70 PDF pages), on the ANAO website.


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