Russia Rolls Out New GLONASS-Guided, 200-Km Range Missile Squadrons (excerpt)
(Source: Inside GNSS; posted Sept. 21, 2020)
The Russian Army has tested its latest Tornado-S 300mm Multiple Launch Rocket System, which uses GLONASS data to guide up to 12 guided missiles to its target in coordinated attacks at ranges up to 200 km. (Russia MoD photo)
The Russian Defense Ministry has publicized tests of its new Tornado-S precision missile, which takes GLONASS data input for its target and flies in squads capable of taking out dispersed enemy formations. The missile comes in a multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) that can fire up to 12 missiles simultaneously in a coordinated attack.

The Tornado-S missile can turn to the target in flight, following preset, GLONASS-derived parameters. “There is the main fire direction and the depression angle is calculated for each missile,” expert Viktor Murakhovsky stated for an Izvestia story on the topic. “It is similar to the vertical launch of antiaircraft missiles. They are popped up by a gunpowder pressure accumulator and the depression generator then switches on to turn the missile to the target. The MLRS missile leaves the guide and turns to the necessary angle by the azimuth. The salvo is thus distributed along the frontline.” he said.

An MLRS guides a package of missiles to one point. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, in modern warfare troops and hardware never concentrate in one place near the frontline. Artillery, air defense, armored vehicles and infantry are deployed at a distance from each other.

The new missiles can hit a group of targets at a major distance from each other in one salvo, as the simultaneously launches projectiles diverge in flight, each according to its input GLONASS-based target data. The system can automatically receive and process information from reconnaissance vehicles or drones; it does not need to be input by the operator. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Inside Glonass website.


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