FFDJ: Griffon's First Strides on African Soil
(Source: French Army; issued Sept. 22, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
Two Griffon wheeled armored combat vehicles were embedded with the French Army’s 5th Overseas Interarms Regiment, based in Djibouti, for hot weather trials carried out on the semi-desert terrain of this former French territory on the Horn of Africa. (FR Army photo)
On September 10, 2020, the French forces stationed in Djibouti (FFDJ) received two Griffon multi-role armored vehicles for an operational technical assessment in hot weather.

For its first trip to Africa, the Griffon spent ten days treading Djibouti’s semi-desert terrain. It has been studied in all its aspects to assess its resistance to hot climates and rough terrain: chassis, weapon system, cupola or even GPS link, everything has been tested.

The tests began during an SGTIA-level firing exercise organized by the 5th Overseas Interarms Regiment, a future user, in which the Griffon was embedded for these trials. After the troop embarkation and disembarkation phases were completed, the Griffon equipped with a 12.7mm machine gun fired at the same time as its AMX 10 RC wheeled light tank. In addition, various driving sequences have been planned for these machines, marked by their first Galix firing (smoke grenades) or tests of small equipment such as straps, cable cutters or even winches.

An ideal place for training and arming equipment and men in an arid climate, Djibouti is an operational forward base allowing working conditions similar to the theaters of operations in which they will be deployed in the near future. The first deployment of Griffon to Mali is scheduled for 2022.

Did you know?

Thirteen new Griffon vehicles arrived in Fréjus in July for delivery to the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment (21st RIMa). The Army had already received 92 of these multi-role armored vehicles (MRVs) in 2019.


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