124 New Tracked Vehicles for the Dutch Marines
(Source: Netherlands Ministry of Defence; issued Sept. 25, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
The Bandvagn 206 articulated tracked armored vehicles in service with the Dutch military will be replaced from 2024 by a new vehicle being jointly developed for Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden. (Dutch MoD photo)
The Netherlands Marine Corps (Korps Mariniers) will have 124 new tracked vehicles available from 2024. They will replace some of the obsolete Bandvagn 206 and Viking vehicles, State Secretary Barbara Visser reported this to the Lower House yesterday (Sept. 24).

The vehicles to be replaced are now in use by the Marine Corps. The future vehicles are to be lightly armored and must be deployable in extreme conditions, such as in the snow and difficult terrain. They must have at least as much terrain mobility as the current vehicles.

The Netherlands is cooperating with Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden on their acquisition, as agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding on Multinational Cooperation on All Terrain Vehicles concluded last year. These countries also want to replace the BV-206 in roughly the same period as the Netherlands. Sweden is coordinating this project.

First delivery in 2024

The intention is that the first vehicles will arrive in 2024 and the last in 2027. Once deliveries are completed, Defense will have more tracked vehicles in total than now. This larger number is based on the deployability objectives according to the Defense Note and the desired capabilities of NATO. The arrival of tracked vehicles is therefore a new step towards further modernization.

124 units are being purchased, involving an amount of 100 to 250 million euros. This falls within the investment budget of Defense. In addition, an option is included in the contract for additional vehicles. In that case, the costs will exceed 250 million euros. If that option is selected, the House will be informed additionally.

Separate project

In addition, there are plans to replace the remaining BV-206 and Viking vehicles. This should be done with smaller All Terrain patrol vehicles. A separate project will be set up for this, about which the House will be informed next year.

The Bandvagn 206 entered service with the Ministry of Defense in the 1980s. Initially it concerned 156 vehicles, of which 127 have been modernized over the years so that they can be used at least until this year. The Viking Bandvagn S10 was previously purchased as a replacement for the unarmored BV-206 D6.


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