Japan’s Defense Ministry Seeks $52 Billion for Next Fiscal Year, Its Largest Budget Request Ever (excerpt)
(Source: Stars and Stripes; published Sept. 30, 2020)
By Hana Kusumoto
TOKYO --- Japan’s Ministry of Defense, under a new administration, on Wednesday proposed the eighth consecutive hike and its largest-ever defense budget, about $52 billion.

The budget request for fiscal year 2021, about 5.49 trillion yen, is a 3.3% increase over the 5.32 trillion yen, or about $50 billion, approved for the current fiscal year. Japan’s fiscal years begin in April.

Japan is improving its defense capabilities as it approaches the year three of a five-year defense acquisition plan dubbed the Medium-Term Defense Program. It aims to build effective defense capabilities to respond to threats from adversaries like China and North Korea.

“In order to realize cross-domain operations, the Self-Defense Forces will acquire and strengthen capabilities in new domains, which are space, cyberspace and electromagnetic spectrum by focusing resources and leveraging Japan’s superb science and technology,” the budget request states. (end of excerpt)

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