First Airbus A400M Atlas for Belgian-Luxembourg Bi-National Unit Almost Ready to Take Off (excerpt)
(Source:; posted Oct. 3, 2020)
By André Orban
Luxembourg is investing heavily in Allied airlift capabilities; after a recently-delivered A330MRTT tanker aircraft, it is also paying for an A400M that will be operated by the Belgian Air Force but carry its national markings. (BAF photo)
BRUSSELS --- About a year and a half after the official start of the production process and about six months after the first test flight, the first Airbus A400M “Atlas” is almost ready to take off for its flight to its base at the Melsbroek military area of Brussels Airport (EBMB).

The plane registered CT-01 and owned by the Luxembourg armed forces, will be operated along with the seven Belgian aircraft by a Belgian-Luxembourg binational unit and will be parked and maintained at the Melsbroek airbase.

The first Belgian aircraft, CT-02, will also join the tarmac of the 15th Wing Air Transport in December of this year. (end of excerpt)

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