S. Korean Navy Tests Sub-Launched Cruise Missile
(Source: RoK Armed Forces unofficial Facebook page; posted Sept. 27, 2020)
New footage of d Hyunmoo-3 cruise missile being launched from what appears to be a Son Won Il-class (Type 214) submarine.

The submarine-launched variant of the Hyunmoo-3 is designated as Haeseong-3 by the Republic of Korea Navy.

Since long-range cruise missile is considered a strategic weapon, its launch authority falls under the Republic of Korea Army Missile Command.

This is one of the reasons why the ROKN developed the SSM-750K Sea Dragon tactical land attack missile based on of the SSM-710K C-Star anti-ship missile.

The ROKN is able to launch the Sea Dragon without going through the Army Missile Command.

This footage was sourced from the 72nd Armed Forces Day ceremony.


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