EU Justifies Buying Surveillance Drones for Belarus (excerpt)
(Source: EU Observer; posted Oct. 6, 2020)
By Andrew Rettman
The Belarusian State Committee for Forensic Science showed the EU drones on its website (Photo by
BRUSSELS --- The EU has bought 15 surveillance drones for Belarusian authorities, prompting alarm they could be used against pro-democracy protesters.

Lithuanian police handed over the equipment to the Belarusian State Committee for Forensic Science on 16 September - in the middle of a brutal police crackdown, which has seen thousands of people snatched off the streets, beaten, and tortured.

And the EU foreign service paid for them out of an €850,000 neighbourhood project being handled by Latvia and Lithuania.

The security cooperation appeared to go against the EU's vocal support for the pro-democracy movement.

And opposition activists feared the drones could be used against them, for instance, to identify individual protesters, leading to arrests. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the EU Observer website.


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