FAB's First T-27 Tucano Aircraft Enters Final Modernization Phase
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued Oct 06, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
The first T-27 Tucano aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is in the final stage of the modernization process. The plane is used for cadet instruction flights at the Air Force Academy (AFA), located in Pirassununga (SP). At this stage, the aircraft will also receive new paint.

The modernization is carried out by the company Albatross, in partnership with the FAB, at the Lagoa Santa Aeronautical Material Park (PAMA LS), in Minas Gerais, and among the objectives are the modernization of the aircraft's instrument panel, adapting it to the new air traffic rules, such as the RNAV and RNP procedures and the new training demands of FAB pilots and reducing existing logistical obsolescence.

In parallel with the modernization of the aircraft, simulation systems are also developed so that these instruction aids faithfully reflect the new configuration, which will contribute to a more modern and efficient training.

The initial forecast is to modernize 42 aircraft by December 2022. The first series aircraft will be re-delivered in the first half of 2021. The Director of PAMA LS, Colonel Aviator Marcelo Reed Sardinha, highlights the relevance of the process aircraft modernization. "This is an advance for the Air Force, so that it will be possible to improve the training of the Aeronautics Cadet, with regard to instrument flight, since the panel will be modified to meet modern navigation requirements for flying in Brazilian airspace.

“The modernization will also bring a solution to the obsolescence of some components of the instrument panel, items that do not have alternatives in the market. In other words, more flexibility for the supply chain," the official explained, pointing out that the T-27 in the final stage it is the first of two prototypes.

The Commanding-General of Support, Lt.-Brigadier Air Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, praised the importance of the work done. "A new era of the T-27 Tucano is born, the aircraft used to train future officers of the Brazilian Air Force," said the General Officer.


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