DGA Participates in BACE Firing Exercise
(Source: French Directorate General of Armament; issued Oct 8, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
During this year’s round of air-defense missile firings, the French Air and Space Force’s SAMP/T Mamba medium-range surface-to-air launchers for the first time carried out a “ripple firing” of two Aster missiles against the same target. (DGA photo)
On September 15 and 17, 2020, the Air Brigade for Space Control of the Air Force Command fired five surface-to-air missiles, from its Biscarrosse site in the Landes, in coordination with of DGA Essais missiles.

These air-defense firing campaigns, carried out annually, aim to prepare the operators of the air defense squadrons for combat by perfecting their know-how through specific technical operational scenarios. This year was notable because of the first "Ripple" firing of the MAMBA, a firing mode calling for the firing of two missiles from the same launcher a few seconds apart against the same target.

The firing themes, based on particularly complex and demanding operational scenarios, were prepared in consultation by the Air and Space Force and the DGA, with the participation in particular of the centers of expertise DGA Missile tests, DGA Naval techniques, and DGA Information control.

In order to offer a tactical situation that is as realistic as possible, DGA Missile Tests offered the forces an enriched environment, thanks to its ADHOC (Hybrid Operation Centered Distributed Architecture) test facility, a device allowing, among other things, to introduce on the screens of simulated runway operators.

On the first day, two VT1 MO2 missiles were fired from the Crotale NG system followed by two Aster 30 missiles in ripple mode from the Sol-Air Moyenne-Portée (SAMP) Mamba system.

On the second day, a third Aster 30 missile was also fired, successfully, in the presence of foreign representatives and industry. All of these missiles were aimed at aerial targets operated by DGA Missile Tests, and representing cruise missile, drone and fighter threats.

This great technical success is the result of intense collaboration between the DGA and the Air and Space Force, in a context constrained by the Coronavirus health contingencies.

This campaign, prepared since the end of August 2020, brought together nearly 170 airmen from three ground-to-air defense squadrons from the air bases of Mont-de-Marsan, Istres and Avord.

As part of the operational preparation of its teams, the air space control brigade regularly calls on the technical expertise of DGA Missile Tests.


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