Contract for the Development, Production and Supply of the Digital Electronic Warning System for the NH90 GSPA / MSPT Helicopters
(Source: Spanish Council of Ministers; issued Oct. 13, 2020)
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The Council of Ministers has approved an agreement authorizing the award of the contract for the development, production and supply of the digital electronic warfare system, for the NH90 GSPA / MSPT helicopters, for an estimated value of 134,936,254.80 euros.

The contract aims to equip 23 NH90 helicopters, currently in the manufacturing process, with a fully digital Electronic Warfare System developed by INDRA, which will improve missile warning systems, and will entail the development of a system of directed infrared countermeasures, of latest generation, the purpose of which will be to provide protection against all types of infrared guided missiles.

This is a program of high military interest for the Ministry of Defense in order to protect NH90 helicopters in the Operations Zone.


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